5 Intruder Alarms Devices That Your Home Security System Should Have

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Home security cannot be protected with a simple lock and key or a fierce dog anymore, we need the latest technology devices and solutions to keep up and ahead of the ever-evolving threats. Today’s conditions and situations demand much more stringent and complex methods and measures to safeguard us and our family from unwanted elements like intruders and thieves, and even from uncontrollable and destructive factors such as fire. So what do you do to protect yourself? Well the best thing to do to go achieving that would be to install intruder alarms and home security systems. Here are 5 intruder alarms devices that you should ideally have:

  1. Motion sensors: These devices pick up the slightest motion inside the house and sets out the alarm when intruders are detected. They can be installed practically anywhere in the house, but the best spots usually are stairs, hallways and empty rooms, as they are the spaces where burglars tend to directly intrude or move about undetected. These intruder alarms are one of the most important devices in any home security systems setup.
  2. CCTV Cameras: Who hasn’t seen CCTV cameras or doesn’t know what they do? They are great for keeping a lookout for intruders in your home and to keep a visual record as evidence in case anything goes wrong. This is the best time to buy CCTV systems too, what with the new HD technology now available at very affordable prices.
  3. Digital Entry Locks: Contrary to popular beliefs, these locks are impossible to tamper with and to force open; in fact, they are one of the most secure protections against intruders and beef up your home security by several notches. Light years ahead of conventional locks, they can be teamed up with video entry system to turn your home into Fort Knox.
  4. Video Entry System: This is truly the device of the future – it lets you talk to people who come knocking at your door before you let them into your home. This is great for obvious reasons; with the rising crime rate everywhere in the country, you just cannot open the door every time there’s a knock on it.
  5. Smoke Detectors: These aren’t intruder alarms per say, but they are important alarms nonetheless. They detect the slightest trace of smoke in the air and immediately warn you, possibly curbing off a probable major catastrophe.

The above mentioned intruder alarms devices can be found quite easily online. A word of caution here – since a lot is at stake, invest only in the highest quality intruder alarms and home security systems. ADT alarms packages are one of the best all around, they offer only the latest and the best. Picking any one of the home security ADT alarms standard packages should suffice, but the best ADT alarms dealers will conduct a free site survey to check and advise you on additional requirements. So you should best look for those.

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5 Intruder Alarms Devices That Your Home Security System Should Have

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5 Intruder Alarms Devices That Your Home Security System Should Have

This article was published on 2011/12/24