Common Home Alarm Systems

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There are many different kinds of security systems out there that are used by security agencies to keep our homes safe from unexpected dangers. Every security system, from motion sensors to wireless smoke detectors to an automatic response system, is created to protect us from or alert us to unwanted elements from our homes or businesses. After all, our homes are the one place in this world that we most want to feel safe and comfortable.

The house’s windows are often one of the first places that a security agency will consider. It is one of the places in the house that burglars have the easiest way of breaking in, so securing the windows is a very important task. A secure house will often be equipped with a glass break detector that will trigger when glass (such as from a window) is broken from a forceful entry. The glass break detector detects the specific audio frequency of window glass breaking. This means that a glass break detector will often be monitoring an entire area of windows, and not just one window.

Then there are the doors to consider. The simplest form of door alarms consists of magnetic contact strips that are attached to the door and the door frame. When the alarm is activated and the door is closed, the strips create a complete circuit. Opening the door while the alarm system is activated will trigger the alarm, resulting in a very loud noise meant to attract attention to the break in, along with bright flashing lights.

Some of these alarm systems will often call the security agency directly, while some are just meant to scare off the intruders, which works far more often than people give it credit for. Some alarms are triggered instantaneously when the door has been opened. Other residential alarm systems, however, have a delay mechanism that will not instantly set off the alarm when the door is opened. This gives residents the ability to disable the alarm system in case the alarm was triggered by accident.

Passive infrared detectors may also be installed in one’s house as a security measure. These devices detect the variation of temperatures of a monitored area. When an intruder comes into the area being monitored by the passive infrared detectors, the sensor will pick up the difference in temperature caused by the intruder’s body heat, which activates the alarm.

Motion sensors are one of the most common devices used in security systems for businesses and homes. They are used to detect any motion in a surrounding area. If the sensors are interrupted, such as by a person stepping through it, the alarm will then be triggered. Alarm systems typically use several of these beams in strategic places around the house or office.

Choosing the right kind of alarm systems is important, so be sure to consult with your security agency and to plan out the security measures that will work best for you and your home.

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Common Home Alarm Systems

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Common Home Alarm Systems

This article was published on 2011/09/17