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Everyone has someone that they look up to when they're a kid. I used to look up to my cousin Linda. She was absolutely gorgeous, and just a couple years older than I was. I recall wanting to be just like her. She lived outside Chicago, and I grew up in MO, so I didn't get to see her often. My Aunt and Uncle let her stay over my Grandparent's house frequently. She was quite lucky to have lived so close to them where she was able to spend lots of time with them.

She to this day has not been lucky in love unfortunately, but she was lucky in other areas. One Friday night when she was at our Grandparent's, a bullet came right through her bedroom window and it ended up inside her stereo. This was probably the luckiest day of her life as she could have been standing there!

I am telling you about this today because I just heard a similar story. A woman looked out her window because she heard the security alarm going off at her neighbor's house. Well, to her surprise, a bullet came through her window pane, hitting her on the under wire of her bra! Amazingly, she was uninjured! Talk about luck! It is refreshing to hear stories like this where people are safe when things could have been much worse. It gives us some hope, but not everybody is as lucky.

If you haven't taken a look at home security systems lately, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how affordable they now are. Think about their benefits in comparison to the price of the lives of those you love. Don't hesitate, check them out today. For your do it yourselfers you can install your own system, and here's a very dependable and affordable home alarm monitoring service.

Not only is it a good peace of mind, you can also save up to 20% on Homeowner's Insurance as all of the big insurance companies offer discounts to their policyholders that have a monitored alarm installed. This savings can easily cover the annual alarm monitoring service fee!

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Regina Jacques

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Lucky Moments

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This article was published on 2010/04/02